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Male Essence


For Organic Spa magazine’s special skincare issue, I wrote an article regarding all-natural fragrances for men. I sought the knowledge of Hall Newbegin, the founder of Juniper Ridge.

This story is accompanied in the print edition of the publication by a sidebar of eight fragrances of different persuasions. The sidebar was published as a separate post in the website.

There are very few style risks you can take that have a long-lasting impact quite like the way you choose to smell. Your fashion choices change over the years—at times, you may even willingly choose to forget an entire decade—but your scent, less so. Think of it this way: Even though you have been out of school for years now, doesn’t the smell of a certain three-letter drugstore brand immediately transport you back to high school?

Fragrance has such strong ties to emotions and memory that the decision to wear one doesn’t just make you, well, smell good, it’s also a subtle way of handing out the calling card of your personality. Research from Frontiers in Psychology confirms what we already know: your fragrance is related to society’s impression of you. When compared to natural body odor, those who use perfumed cosmetics are seen as more attractive, agreeable and extroverted.

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